Annual sales of ferromolybdenum
300 (t.)
Annual sales of ferrovanadium
200 (t.)
Annual sales of ferrotungsten
200 (t.)
Annual sales of ferroniobium
專業團隊 專業服務

Adhering to the concept of "focusing on quality, promise in keeping faith",the company has established professional sales & technical teams through the accumulation and precipitation for many years, and has improved the systems for internal management process, sales and after-sales service.

Excellent service

A professional one-to-one tracking service will be arranged after the contract signed between the customer and Zhongnuo Metal Co., Ltd.

After-sales service

Research industry trends and customer needs in depth. With continuous

innovation and improvement, the all-round service system let you have no worries about the rear.

Industry experience

We have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in metal materials industry, and we can provide customers with the most valuable information and goods, committed to achieve win-win cooperation.

Cargo guarantee

Adhere to the "integrity-based" business philosophy, the quality of each order will be ensured reliable with rigorous attitude.

Qinghe Zhongnuo metal materials Co., Ltd was a processing enterprise with equal emphasis on production and sales, mainly processing ferromolybdenum, ferrotitanium and ferrovanadium products. The products of our company have been exported to large steel mills in Japan, South Korea, Europe and America , etc. for many consecutive years, and have won wide praise from customers. In recent years, in response to the adjustment of national industrial policy, our company has readjusted the focus. At the present stage, the processing business of our company rely on the processing factories in the northeast with the long-term cooperation, the business is mainly in the ferromolybdenum, and also in the ferrovanadium, ferrotungsten, ferroniobium and so on.